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Susie's Scriptures by Design

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Great ministry!! Tommy helped me out by donating shirts and blankets to the orphans in Uganda for my most recent mission trip!! Much love with those donations! Thank you Susie's Scriptures!!  

Dr. Cearlocks 

Time absorbs the past, let your memories be inspiring. The journey is the same, but you are not alone, "Susie's Scriptures By Design" is there for you the would need to be covered with the word of God. "SUSIE'S SCRIPTURES BY DESIGN IS ABLE TO DO IT" I can tell you that after my heart surgery, in and out of the hospital in 2013-2015, Got covered with the Word of God, trust me at work and going strong." 


Susie's Scriptures By Design is a wonderful covering ministry and I enjoy being covered in m bathroom daily. I'm covered are you. 


I believe in what Susie's Scriptures is doing spreading the gospel. Taking the word and literally covering you with it. Bold moves takes courage which he displays. 


Nothing better than to be covered by the Word of God. It is so powerful that it brings healing and strength to the weak. Praise the Lord and bless this ministry! 


May the Lord continue to bless your Ministry and reward you abundantly as you spread his Word through your work for Him!  


Great and Unique Ministry! Thank you! Be covered by the Word of God! If God be for you who can be against you! By faith go to sleep covered by the word and wake up healed as you touched the helm of his garment! 


Susie's Scriptures is an 'Absolute Must' nowadays! It provides daily reminders of how and what we should aspire to be lie towards ourselves and each other daily, especially in these turbulent days! I recommend Susie's Scriptures to help stay in faith daily in all things. 


Susie's Scriptures By Design is more than just and inspirational product. However, the concept of being covered in /scripture not only ignite's faith but it also increases hope and a fell of comfort to patrons. All items can the incorporate in our everyday lives. What's special about Susie's Scriptures By Design is the products are custom to accommodate this customers specific needs. Susie's products are appropriate for ALL occasions which also makes them prefect for gifting. 


Great idea and great way to cover your family in the Word of the Lord. 


It's a great Great diverse ministry that cares about covering and protecting the world with God's Word. I'm covered are you? 


I have purchased many wonderful faith based items from Susie's Scriptures By Design, from sweat shirts and t-shirts to blankets. Great gifts for family and friends. Wonderful ministry. Friendship based on the platform of faith and God's love is a friendship that last forever. And your business is for the kingdom of God and that's the best business to support. Thank you Susie's Scriptures for your friendship and always praying for me and my family. 


So blessed to have an amazing ministry. You know you're covered & protected by the Word of the LORD. 


I purchased blankets, shower curtains, t-shirt and hoodie from Susie's Scriptures By Design is a great covering ministry. 


I remember when Tommy spoke to me about his vision and I'm so very blessed to see it come forth.. God has truly blessed his obedience and I know he will continue to do so..such a great way to cover your family with blankets, hoodies etc...such a great ministry... 


When my husband got diagnose with cancer in 2012 Susie's Scriptures By Design launch their website and I purchase a healing scripture blanket to cover my husband. Having his word blanket on gave him peace Knowing God was with him thru his sickness. He didnt heal to live longer on earth, but he got saved and live the eternal life with Jesus. Thank you Susie's Scriptures By Design for the covering ministry you have put together. I hope everyone around the world will purchase products from Susie's Scriptures for their friends and family to cover and protect them. 


This is truly a man of God..Wonderful brother and father...this man has blessed me in so many ways Susie's Scriptures By Design ...has what you need to get covered.. 


I have a blanket and I use it every night for protection. I love it so much!


Susie's Scriptures is a GREAT MINISTRY. Purchase your Healing blanket, hoodies, shirts and so much more. Let's get this Ministry all over the World. God Bless. 


Susie's Scriptures By Design was meant to be. God approved everything. When you are a man of God everything you do goes through God first. When the plans of starting this business first came up all Tommy did was pray and pray and God opened up the doors to get this going. These blankets and shirts and items that are covered with the Word of God are truly a healing, a comfort , a blessing. "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper" I've carried that lanyard with me every day since the beginning of Susie's Scriptures and will continue to carry it. It might just be a lanyard to some but to me it's what reminds me everyday that nothing or nobody can harm me because I am a child of God and God loves me. There has been a lot of close calls but Tommy prayed so hard for me that nothing could touch me. I was always protected. That is what you will experience with anything that comes from Susie's. Love, faith, healing, protection, courage and much more. Find out what it can do for you. Cover your family with the Word of God. Have faith, always. God bless ?? and much love. 


Our Client’s Testimonials

Susie’s Scriptures By Design in Las Vegas, Nevada is a go-to- shop for like-minded individuals looking to spread God’s Word, speaking boldly in the Lord which gave testimony unto the Word of his grace and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands. According to Acts 14:3. Learn what people are saying about us. Read their reviews and testimonials below. 

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14 years ago I was very hurt and wanting to end my life, because of what was happening to me and my family. But God knew it was a plan to get me to know him more and he sent the owner of Susie's Scriptures to share who Jesus was. Everything was so interesting I wanted to know him more and more and joined a small church and got baptized after a month. I was so excited to be called God's child, because having God with you, nothing can come against you. 

Praise God!! The blanket I recently ordered for my mother for her 81st birthday was such a blessing. When she received it the Holy Spirit came upon her and she immediately went into praise and worship to our God. Thank you Susie's Scriptures for being a blessing, God be with you. 
The King Family 

God blessed Susie's with a talented young man who God told me to ask him what is it that he wants God to do in his life, he replied bring his family together. And God did as he asked, by reuniting all of his family for his wedding to God be the Glory. And God saw fit to use him to build our first website don't tell me that God doesn't work in mysterious ways. Thank you Susie's Scriptures. 
Mr. Tommy 

My young son had a high fever. And was covered with one of our blankets, and suddenly his fever broke and joy came upon him immediately, and his mother praised God for his Word that still heals. Isaiah 53:4-5, thanks Susie's Scriptures.
The Pearsons Family 

Susie's Scriptures by Design is a ministry that helps those that are in need of healing, those that are lost, and those that need protection. The ministry has given me the opportunities that I could've asked for and God continues to give my family favor. Being apart of the ministry helped me realize how the Word of God can heal, bless, and protect the people. The blankets alone was the highlight of the ministry because it wasn't just a blanket, it was a healing blanket. Susie's Scripture by Design blanket is a unique product from God in which infuses His words that help you recite, remember, and apply everyday. I realize that yes we do have the Bible, and you can get the word else where but then having it on you like a t-shirt, or a hat , and in the home gives you assurance that you're protected by the Word of God. I solely believe that this was God's design to have the word implanted in peoples lives in way that will not be forgotten but will be building blocks of restoration, salvation, and even sanctification. My experience with Susie's Scriptures takes it further even in my personal life. My grandfather was sick with cancer and later passed to be with the Lord. When my grandfather was in the hospital right before the events that led to his passing, we knew that my grandfather was not saved and at that time I introduced him to God's promises in which I showed him the Romans Road to Heaven. Upon that time, he later got worst but he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. One day my aunt and I decided to bring one of Susie's Isaiah 53:4-5 healing blankets to the hospital bed where he laid and man, was that powerful!  Just having that word on top of him gave us hope that everything would be okay. Despite all of the sadness and helplessness we felt that God was on our side. Later that year, the ministry has allowed me to prepare myself for the opportunities of a new job. Then later with the ministry, I received the blessing of purchasing a new home in which I never could ask for in the timing that I was receiving it. So with these events along, the ministry is designed to help those in need of Jesus, and his guidance. Gods' Words are true, and his promises are real and I truly believe that this ministry will flourish to even the darkest places on the Earth. Thank you Susie's Scriptures by Design. I truly love you guys and thank you so much for all the prayers and fellowship. 
Mr. Mark Lester Garma                 

One day my wife told me she was going to order some word blankets from Susie's Scriptures. She said that she had been told that the blankets are very comfortable. I did not believe her, I thought they would be some cheap and generic blankets, but when I started to cover up with them, I realized they were not your regular blankets. They are very special, so light, and very comfortable. I thank my wife Manuela for offering them to me as a covering of God's Word. I personally recommend those blankets for peace because they have something I can't really explain or put into words. And my wife has now covered 13 of her family members in the US and in Mexico with Psalms 91 and Isaiah 54:17 of our Spanish version. Thank you Susie's Scriptures. 
 Mr. Hernandez

Susie's Scriptures was invited to speak at Dunamis Latin American Ministries. I donated to there ministry our first Spanish version of Isaiah 54:17 scripture blanket. Pastor Lucy used it to cover a very high witch doing horrible things and was going to kill her daughter and divorce her husband, she also killed a black goat, and drank the blood with others, having sex with unclean spirits. With our No weapon blanket covering God took all the uncleanness from her spirit. Now she loves the Lord, reads her bible Daily and is apart of their ministry, it's a miracle. Luke 4:36  
Pastor Lucy

Thank you Susie's for always being their with all your spiritual guidance and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to me which got me saved. God gave me strength to make it 14 years at my job. Thank you for all the prayers for me and my family. God Bless you. 

A positive company I've known for over a decade my kids call him there uncle about everyday he would come around to say "HI" to everyone with love of Jesus and would ask us how things are with life and family. I always knew I could count on him for a prayer. 

Hi Susie's Scriptures, thanks for praying for my brother, He's in the ICU in Cali with possible meningitis due to surgery he had a week and a half ago Jeff and I are headed to Cali this afternoon because my mommy is mess and my sister is out of town so God knows I need to go out their for support. So he is still on lots of Meds and his kidneys are acting up and he has a lot of bacteria in his poop but they are giving him Meds to help treat that. He is breathing on his own but he does have oxygen for his nose and still has a feeding tube. They want to make sure he didn't have a stroke due to the seizures he had. Hi Tommy, Hope your day went well. Just wanted to let you know that my brother Joseph is doing better. He is currently still in the ICU. He has pneumonia but they have him on antibiotics for that. His kidneys are getting back to normal, praise God he no longer had a feeding tube to help his breathing. He has oxygen but he's still getting better. He is taking and looks good. He has had physical therapy for two days and he walked twice around the ICU area with a walker and the physical therapist. I want to thank you for your continuous prayers for my brother and family. Just want to share God's awesome good news today that my brother Joseph was moved out of ICU last night and in a regular hospital room! Praise God!!! Thank you Susie's Scriptures.

Two years ago I stood agreement with a friend for the healing of a relative. We purchased a healing blanket from Susie's Scriptures to cover her and spoke the words of Isaiah 53:5, and today we can declare and praise God for her healing, and now claiming that she is healed by his word. 

Thanking Tommy, the owner of Susie's Scriptures by Design. I informed him that my son was missing for 2 days now out of the blue, I was becoming a wreck, sleepless nights and unable to attend work, thank for Tommy and his prayer warriors the very next day my son was located.